Sitemap - 2023 - Morning Minute

Nike Sells Over $1M of Digital Shoes

China Is Coming for Crypto & The Metaverse

Bitcoin Becomes 2nd-Biggest Blockchain for NFTs

Fidenzas Lead Major NFT Art Rebound

NFTs Rally During VeeCon

The Cutest Trojan Horse

Battle of the Brands

Did Ledger Just Alienate Their Original Customer Base?

Worldcoin Raises $100M for Crypto UBI Amidst Backlash

Have NFTs Found A Local Bottom?

The SEC Is Losing the War on Crypto

Elon Pumps an NFT (Again)

Pudgy Penguins Raise $9M Amidst NFT Bear Market

Bitcoin's NFT and Memecoin Burst

NFT Trading Grinds to a Halt

Polygon Summer Is Coming

10,000 NFTs in 20 Minutes

Sports Illustrated Is Coming for NFT Ticketing

Blur Blends the Lines of NFT Finance

PayPal Adds Crypto Transfers for 78M Venmo Users

A Trio of Updates

Can AI Detect Stolen Art In NFTs?

The NFT Roundtable EP 6 β€” Coinbase vs. SEC, Yuga's Landmark Court Ruling, Mad Lads Surge

Airdrop Season Rages On

Coinbase Sues The SEC

Yuga Labs Wins Trademark Ruling

Why The Pokemon Scandal Is Bullish for NFTs

MEV Bot Makes Millions on Memecoins

Trump Makes $4.6M Selling More NFTs

Join The Champion's Path

Nike Is Launching First-Gen Digital Shoes for $20

adidas Doubles Down on Utility

NFT NYC 2023: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Truth Hurts

It's Time to Upgrade ETH

Reddit Returns

The Burn Wars Begin

Sorare NBA GW 48 Primer | The Finale 🫑

Post Photography and AI Art's Hottest Newest Genre

Lucky Lead (e64): Bugatti Bets Big on Bitcoin

Lucky Lead (e63): The Marketplace Wars Heat Up

Bugatti Bets Big on Bitcoin

OpenSea Pro - The Marketplace Wars Rage On

Sorare NBA GW 47 Primer | The End is Near πŸ—“οΈ

Lucky Lead (e62): The Masters Preview

Elon Seizes the Memes (Then Deletes)

Lucky Lead (e61): Nakamigo Mania

Nakamigo Mania

Sorare NBA GW 46 Primer | Bang For Your Bucks

Lucky Lead (e60): DeGods Go to the Big Leagues and More Trump NFTs?

DeGods Go to DeBig Leagues

Lucky Lead (e59): Real Estate Investing with NFTs

Real Estate Investing via NFTs

Ticketmaster and How NFTs Are Changing the Live Music Industry

Ticketmaster and How NFTs Are Changing the Live Music Industry

Lucky Lead (e57): Binance Trouble and Yuga Bombshells

Lucky Lead (e56): NFT Market Pulse Check and Otherside Reactions

Binance Under Attack and the Silver Lining

Sorare NBA GW 45 Primer | Trail Blazing to Glory

How Low Can They Go?

Sorare NBA GW 44 Primer | Comeback Season

Lucky Lead (e55): Preparing for the Second Trip, $ARB Reflections

Preparing for the Second Trip

Lucky Lead (e54): Coinbase vs. the SEC, Arbitrum Airdrop Day

The U.S. War on Crypto Begins 🚨

Lucky Lead (e53): Ordinals Overload, Web3 Gaming Growth

The NFT Gaming Meta Approaches πŸ•ΉοΈ

Lucky Lead (e52): Bitcoin to $1M, Gaming Meta

Balaji's Big Bitcoin Bet

Sorare NBA GW 43 Primer | Seeing Red

Lucky Lead (e51): The DeGods of Bitcoin

Banking Sector Turmoil & BTC DeGods Resurrected

The NFT Roundtable (e2) β€” NFT Bracketology, Macro Meltdown

Lucky Lead (e50): NFT Nose Dive

The NFT Roundtable Ep. 2 β€” NFT Bracketology, Macro Meltdown

Sorare NBA GW 42 Primer | Compliments to the Chef πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Arbitrum $Billions Coming Soon

NFT Nose Dive

Lucky Lead (e49): Yuga's Juggling Act

Yuga's Juggling Act

Lucky Lead (e48): What's Happening in Macro?

Signature Bank Shut Down and The War on Crypto

Sorare NBA GW 41 Primer | Buying the Bottom Feeders

Lucky Lead (e47): SVB Shut Down and Is the Panic Over?

Is The Panic Over?

Sorare NBA GW 40 Primer | Injury Overload

The NFT Roundtable (e1) β€” Yuga's Bitcoin Blast Off

Lucky Lead (e46): Crypto Blood Bath

The NFT Roundtable Ep. 1 β€” Yuga's Bitcoin Blast Off

Crypto Blood Bath

Lucky Lead (e45): Coinbase Comes for the Masses

Coinbase Comes for the Masses

Lucky Lead (e44): The Digital Art Renaissance

The Digital Art Renaissance Is Here

Lucky Lead (e43): Yuga Bets on Bitcoin and DraftKings RM PGA

Yuga's $16.5M Pay Day

Sorare NBA GW 39 Primer | Soaring IQ Scores

Lucky Lead (e42): Owls Mania and Yuga's TwelveFold Heats Up

ERC-4337 and The Smart Wallet Future

Sorare NBA GW 38 Primer | Injuries & Opportunities πŸ€•

Lucky Lead (e41): PROOF's Pivotal Moment and Art Market Health Check

PROOF's Pivotal Moment

Lucky Lead (e40): A $PRIME Surprise and PROOF's Big Day

A $PRIME Day Surprise

Lucky Lead (e39): MetaMask Brings Web3 to Gaming

MetaMask Brings Web3 to Gaming

Lucky Lead (e38): Yuga Heads to Bitcoin and Live-Event Ticketing with Sam Ewen

How to Make $1.6M Playing NFT Games

Sorare NBA GW 37 Primer | A Wild Weekend of Hoops 🀩

Lucky Lead (e37): Flash Crash and Rebound

Flash Crash and Rebound

Lucky Lead (e36): Coinbase's Hidden Secret

Coinbase's Hidden Secret

Sorare NBA GW 36 Primer | A Post-Break Breakdown

Lucky Lead (e35): Coinbase Launches New L2 and Free NFT

NFTs Are Not Securities...Yet

Lucky Lead (e34): Blur Is Out for Blood

Blur Is Out for Blood

Lucky Lead (e33): OpenSea Goes to 0, PROOF Is Cancelled

A Jack of All Trades

Lucky Lead (e32): Blur Farming Wreaks Havoc and Airdrop SZN Begins

Blur Farmers Plant Seeds of Havoc

Lucky Lead (e31): A Web3 War Is Brewing

A Web3 War Is Brewing

Lucky Lead (e30): A $275M $BLUR Stimmy

A $275M Valentine's Day Stimulus

Lucky Lead (e29): Will the $BLUR Airdrop Save NFTs?

Will The $BLUR Airdrop Save NFTs?

Sorare NBA GW 34 Primer | All-Star Break Approaches

Lucky Lead (e28): Super Bowl, Super Let Down

Super Bowl, Super Let Down

Sorare NBA GW 33 Primer | A Cam Thomas Cheat Code

The NFT Super Bowl Mega-Preview Show

The NFT Super Bowl Preview

Lucky Lead (e26): Is there an NFT Bull Market on Bitcoin?

Is There an NFT Bull Market on Bitcoin?

Lucky Lead-In (e25): How to Bet on NFTs without Buying Any

How to Bet on NFTs Without Buying Any

Lucky Lead-In (e24): NFT and Crypto Market Macro with Deeze and Andy

Homes Are Selling on the Blockchain

How Many Pepes Is Too Many Pepes?

Sorare NBA GW 32 Primer | A Record-Breaking Auction πŸ’°

Lucky Lead-In (e23): How Many Pepes Is Too Many Pepes?

How Checks 300x'd in 30 Days

Sorare NBA GW 31 Primer | Tanking For Value

Lucky Lead-In (e22): How Checks Soared from $8 to $2,500

PFPs Face Looming Threat

Lucky Lead-In (e21): The Future of PFPs with Alex Herrity

Lucky Lead-In (e20): Canto NFTs Are Surging, Will It Last?

You Cant(o) Miss This

The Institutions Are Coming

Sorare NBA GW 30 Primer | My Precious!

How to Make $2.2M in 69 Minutes

Has The NFT Rally Stalled?

Lucky Lead-In (e19): Is The NFT Rally in Trouble with Sam Ewen

Lucky Lead-In (e18): Future of Web3 Adoption and Digital Identify with Austin Hurwitz

Lucky Lead-In (e17): The Institutions Are Coming

Lucky Lead-In (e16): Doodles Move to Flow, Proceed With Caution

Lucky Lead-In (e15): Art's Bull Market, Sartoshi PFPs and Porsche's Comeback

Lucky Lead-In: Doodles and the PFP Revival

Lucky Lead-In: Memes Go Mainstream

Lucky Lead-In: The Dookey Dash is FUN

Lucky Lead-In: Sewer Passes, Apes + Punks + AI with Niko

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 9

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 8

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 7

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 6

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 5

Lucky Lead-In: Episode 3

Sorare NBA GW 29 Primer | Dame Time ⏰