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It's a huge day for the DeGods project as they move from the #1 project on Solana to a mid-tier on ETH. Will this major move work out?
Homebase just sold the first-ever fractionalized home on Solana via NFTs. Is this the future of the $10B crowdsourced real estate investing industry?
Ticketmaster and Avenged Sevenfold are changing the game with NFT-gated ticket sales. Here's why it's such a big deal and what you need to know to…
Crypto continues to be under attack, this time with the CFTC coming after Binance. Are they in real trouble this time and do VPN users need to be…
The NFT market is about to find out if there is a bottom, plus catch up Frank DeGod's controversial announcement tied to y00ts moving to Polygon today.
The Otherside Metaverse's "Second Trip" will take place tomorrow, offering an opportunity to experience the Otherside for the first time in almost a…
The SEC has come for Coinbase. What does it mean for NFTs and the broader Crypto space?
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