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Lucky Lead (e60): DeGods Go to the Big Leagues and More Trump NFTs?Listen now (38 min) | DeGods to ETH, Trump NFTs, Escher launch, NFT Weekly roundtable
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It's a huge day for the DeGods project as they move from the #1 project on Solana to a mid-tier on ETH. Will this major move work out?
Lucky Lead (e59): Real Estate Investing with NFTsListen now (32 min) | Fractional real estate investing with NFTs; Yuga's HV-MTL reveal; Beeple and PROOF Curated
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Homebase just sold the first-ever fractionalized home on Solana via NFTs. Is this the future of the $10B crowdsourced real estate investing industry?
Ticketmaster and How NFTs Are Changing the Live Music IndustryListen now (34 min) | y00ts day 1 on Polygon; Ticketmaster and NFT-gated NFTs; Nakamigos soar; is Blur killing NFTs?
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Ticketmaster and Avenged Sevenfold are changing the game with NFT-gated ticket sales. Here's why it's such a big deal and what you need to know to…
Lucky Lead (e57): Binance Trouble and Yuga BombshellsListen now (31 min) | Binance in trouble + VPN concerns; banking crisis; Legends of the Mara; Nakamigos
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Lucky Lead (e56): NFT Market Pulse Check and Otherside ReactionsListen now (36 min) | NFT market bleeds; Otherside 2nd Trip reactions; y00ts move to Polygon
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Crypto continues to be under attack, this time with the CFTC coming after Binance. Are they in real trouble this time and do VPN users need to be…
Featuring a Dallas Disaster, the Return of the King, Value Picks & More
The NFT market is about to find out if there is a bottom, plus catch up Frank DeGod's controversial announcement tied to y00ts moving to Polygon today.