Sep 9, 2022 • 39M

Why Matthew Wiley Bought 60+ Legendary Reignmaker packs

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Matthew Wiley joined Lucky Trader’s TD Marquis to talk about DraftKings Reignmakers, ahead of the first main slate on Sunday.

Wiley is currently in the top 10 in Franchise Score for the new DraftKings Reignmakers NFT-based game. Franchise score awards holders of the largest collections, with a premium on the higher tier cards like Reignmaker and Legendary. Wiley, who is known as @Wiley77 on Twitter, is a prolific golf and NFL DFS player that also has his own popular podcast called Golflandia. Wiley talked about his decision to buy more than 60 Legendary packs, his strategy for the season, and his advice to players looking to break into Reignmakers.

They also talked about lineup construction and built a lineup together for a Rare contest.